Things to Do & See | Midtown Atlanta Attractions

The Fox Theater - Famous Midtown Atlanta AttractionFrom ultramodern sports facilities and soaring hotels to trendsetting Atlanta restaurants and airy lofts for hip urban lifestyles, the Georgia capital continues to exert its presence as a global player in industry, communication, art and culture, while at the same time paying homage to the city’s often tumultuous heritage.

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In the heart of downtown, 21-acre Centennial Olympic Park, with its curving brick paths that encircle the shimmering Fountain of Rings, commemorates Atlanta’s role as host of the 1996 Olympic Games and remains a catalyst for ongoing urban action, including the brand-new world-class Georgia Aquarium. Beyond the park is Ted Turner’s CNN Center, where international events are tirelessly reported 24 hours a day.

Within sight of CNN Center are powerful monuments to the city’s storied past. The State Capitol sits atop a hill that, in 1865, was occupied by General Sherman’s troops. Along Auburn Avenue, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, near the slain civil rights leader’s birthplace, is a reminder of one Georgian’s pioneering struggle for freedom. Offering a wealth of attractions, experiences and things to do in Atlanta, this city exudes multi-cultural diversity.